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Deemed to Satisfy

Deemed to Satisfy - Lighting, electrical, 6-Star...

June 20, 2011 | Green Rate

The release of BCA 2011, in May of this year, has brought with it a new Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) approach to energy efficiency compliance. All new homes, additions and alterations must now achieve a 6 star energy rating, and also satisfy a host of other DTS requirements which have been summarised below.

Lighting & Electrical

• Lighting must have a maximum power density of 5 W/m² within a house; 4 W/m² on verandas or balcony’s; and 3 W/m² in a garage or shed
• Where lamps are used that have a transformer or ballast, the transformer or ballast must be of the electric type
• Halogen lamps must be separately switched from fluorescent lamps
• Outdoor lighting must be controlled by a daylight sensor, or have at least 40 Lumens/W
• Electric resistance space heating systems that serve more than one room must have:
    - separate isolating switches for each room
    - separate temperature controller and time switch for each group of rooms with common heating needs (e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms)
    - maximum power loads below 110 W/m² for living areas, and 150 W/m² for bathrooms

Building Fabric

• Insulation must be installed correctly and to manufacturers specifications e.g. No gaps, bulk insulation not compressed etc.
• R0.2 thermal breaks must be installed where metal framing is used, and connects directly to metal roofing or lightweight external wall cladding, if;
    i) There is no internal lining, or;
    ii) The internal lining is fixed directly to the same metal framing
• Additional ceiling insulation will be required where many recessed downlights and/or exhaust fans are used. A 200m² house would permit, without needing extra insulation:
    - 20 recessed downlights (50mm clearance)
    - 4 exhaust fans
• If a concrete slab-on-ground is heated, R1.0 insulation must be installed around the vertical edge of its perimeter

Building Sealing

• Chimneys and flues must be fitted with dampers
• External windows, doors and roof lights serving habitable rooms must be sealed
• Exhaust fans and evaporative coolers serving habitable rooms must be self-sealing
• Roofs, walls, and floors that are part of the external fabric must be constructed to minimise air leakage


• Central heating water piping, and heating and cooling ductwork, that is not within a conditioned room must be insulated and protected from weather
• Heating for a swimming pool must be by solar and not boosted by electric resistance heating
• Heating for a spa pool with a capacity of 680 L or more must be by a solar heater, gas heater or a heat pump
• Circulation pumps and heaters must be controlled with time switches and push buttons